"We shape the future by preserving our culture, discovering new knowledges and developing novel casting technologies."
— William Cheung, Production Director

  • Company Overview

    It took us years for R&D, establish and install our casting paper manufacturing facilities and we have launched our products in year 2016. We aim to serve all needs of synthetic leather manufacturers in mainland China by providing customer-oriented “made to order” texture/pattern. We shall also extend our service into the newly emerging market in India.


    Production Capacity

    We maximize our production capacity and efficiency with the help of integrated electrification and automation solution.

    Though years of technology accumulation and careful operation, experienced operators produce quality products with minimum variations.


    Quality Control

    We adapt the Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve our product performance by removing wastage and reducing variation though scientific approaches.

    Production process are analyzed by the Process Capability Indices (Cpk) to ensure the process meets the requirements.

    Every product is examined visually by well-trained inspectors, and often using an electrical microscope for fine detail before the product is sold into the market.


  • Factory overview

    Realtime is a company in China process the technology and know-hows of producing both “Instant-Cure” and “Extrusion” type of release paper if which is a crucial tool/product needed for the manufacturing of synthetic leather.

    Fact sheet

    Company name
    Realtime Castpaper Ltd.
    Factory location
    Dongguan, Southern China
    Since 2015
    Production area
    6,000 sqm
    Annual capacity
    6,000 metric tons
    Product category
    Release Paper for PU, Semi PU, 2-component PU and PVC casting
    Contact person (English)
    Edwin zheng, edwin.yh.zheng@realtimecastpaper.com, +86 137 1331 8970
    Contact person (Chinese)
    陈兵, +86 137 8888 8178